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Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Conference Video Coordinators of the Year

by   |  April 17th, 2014

The Collegiate Sports Video Association congratulates all of the 2013-2014 Conference Video Coordinators of the Year. Each conference video coordinator votes within their respective conferences to recognize a peer who displays excellent work and performance with this distinguished honor.
Conference Video Coordinators of the Year are now finalists for the Bob Matey National Video Coordinator of the Year award.
The Conference and National Video Coordinator of the Year Awards will be presented during the 20th annual Collegiate Sports Video Conference, May 19-22 in Houston, Texas.

The conference winners for 2013-2014 are:
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Seahawks Video Director: Behind the scenes of the teams winning strategy

by   |  April 17th, 2014

Brad Campbell and his team of four play a crucial part as team members of the Seattle Seahawks. As Video Director to the Seahawks, Brad and his crew help prepare the weekly game plans by supplying coaches and players with breakdowns of cut-ups and game footage of upcoming opponents, as well as editing practice footage for coaches and players during the week leading up to each game. “If you were to watch our stuff you would probably find it really boring.”.
However boring, the footage is pivotal in teaching, coaching and strategy. Seahawk players are filmed at specific angles; merged together and broken down into Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Game footage and practices are reviewed. Coaches and players watch opposing teams footage looking to devise very specific strategies on the visible strengths and weaknesses of players. They can instantly see why or how a play succeeded or failed.
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Pittsburgh Steelers: Film Study with Kelvin Beachum

by   |  April 5th, 2014

A short video showing how Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum uses DVSport GameDay at the office, and DVSport Shuttle for iPad on the go to study film.

DVSport GameDay video editing software, and DVSport Shuttle for iPad.

The Auburn Football Video Staff Using DVSport HD

by   |  November 13th, 2012

A segment from the Auburn Football EveryDay show looks at the inner-workings of the Auburn video staff. The behind-the-scenes feature shows the integral role the staff plays in the anatomy of a practice.