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“The Fantastic Future of Football” – MAXIM

by   |  September 25th, 2014

Maxim-LogoAn excerpt from Maxim: As soon as Sunday’s game ends, Campbell’s four-man staff can now edit, tag, and upload clips to 70 iPads, so that by the time the team plane lifts off, players and coaches are studying film of their performance. By Monday morning, they’re on to dissecting the opposition. Aided by software designed by DVSport, they can scroll through video of every third-and-short play run by the Rams or every blitz called by the 49ers, even while pedaling along on an exercise bike.

“Before, we made DVDs on Monday night and that was it,” Campbell says. “We couldn’t handle 60 guys wanting cut-ups. Now we can customize clips for each guy.”

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DVSport HD Replay Provides USA Swimming’s Review System

by   |  August 8th, 2014

DVSport HD Replay
The days leading up to high-level meets such Olympic Trials and Nationals leave the pool deck full of energy and commotion. From first-timers to Olympians, everyone is bustling about on deck, trying out racing suits, getting used to the venue and talking strategy with their coaches.

The pool setup includes touch pads, microphones, spotlights, camera tracks and underwater cameras.

Although a few of the underwater cameras are for television, most people don’t realize the majority are a part of USA Swimming’s increasingly popular video review system.

USA Swimming has been using its video review system at major U.S. competitions since 2007, including the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials and all National Championships.

The organization contracts DVSport to run its review system. DVSport is a Pittsburgh-based software company that specializes in digital video acquisition, analysis and play-back software designed specifically for the sports market. It’s the same company that also provides high-definition instant replay for a number of NCAA conferences in both football and basketball.

The purpose of USA Swimming’s video review system is to support officials and swimmers with disqualifications.
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Southland Partners with DVSport for HD Football Instant Replay in 2014

by   |  July 18th, 2014

FRISCO, Texas – The Southland Conference and DVSport, Inc., the leader in collegiate football high-definition (HD) replay technology, have announced a partnership that will provide the league and its 11 football-playing institutions with the cutting-edge technology and efficient workflow of DVSport’s HD Replay™ system beginning with the 2014 season.

DVSport’s system provides replay officials with a crystal-clear picture quality and state-of-the-art controls to assist them with reviewing each and every play. The Southland Conference is the first NCAA Football Championship Subdivision league to implement a full-time instant replay solution for all home games, regardless of television coverage.

DVSport’s HD Replay™ system has made an impact on numerous Southland teams that have qualified and advanced though the NCAA Division I Football Championship in recent years, as all rounds of the playoffs include replay covered by DVSport. In fact, three Southland programs hosted NCAA playoff games in 2013, when the DVSport equipment was installed and used in conjunction with ESPN productions to provide replay for each playoff contest. Additionally, Southland teams often play games against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents that utilize the DVSport equipment.
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DVSport Centralizes X Games Replay

by   |  June 23rd, 2014

X Games has joined the rapidly growing “centralized-replay” club, thanks to a new DVSport Software system implemented at CoTA. Instead of being located at each venue as in the past, judges are located in a central replay trailer, which can access every single camera feed available during the ESPN telecast. The DVSport system simultaneously records eight incoming feeds (seven cameras and a dirty program feed) and plays them back in sync for the judges to view as a mosaic on three large monitors.

“We have a few different [on-screen] layouts for the judges, which vary from event to event,” says Justin Rudd, VP/director of sales/marketing, DVSport Software. “We are marking each event and each run that occurs. The judge can then ask to see a specific angle or a whole run again, and we can play it back instantly. We have full control of the video [playback] with a simple [LSM] controller.”

Courtesy of Sports Video Group