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DVSport Clarifies NCAA Replay Process and Technology

by   |  September 20th, 2006

DVSport Replay Process and Technology

DVSport Replay - Washington State vs UCLA

Pittsburgh, PA – In early 2006, the NCAA standardized the “process” by which replay reviews are conducted, but they did not mandate a preferred technology. Each conference was entitled to purchase a replay system of their choice. The obvious consequence, and subsequent result, is the potential difference in technical capabilities between conferences. There are two different technologies used: DVR (Digital Video Recorder) based solutions and DVSport’s Touchscreen replay technology.
In 2005, the ACC, Big East, and SEC opted to purchase their replay systems from DVSport. The DVSport Replay system is based on a Touchscreen technology, allowing the replay official to view any available angle from any play at any time. The Associated Press reports, “He (Gordon Riese, PAC-10 Replay Official) said the equipment is not as sophisticated as NFL replay equipment, and does not allow the official to freeze the frame.” This statement is misleading because it implies that there is only one system being used in college football and that it is inferior to the NFL. DVSport’s replay system is as sophisticated as the system currently employed by the NFL and utilizes a similar Touchscreen technology for instant access and frame by frame viewing. In 2006, the Big Ten switched from their DVR based replay system to DVSport’s Replay system. With the addition of the Big Ten, four of the six BCS conferences, including independents Notre Dame and Navy, now use the DVSport Replay system. The replay process itself is a combination of technology and human factors. The ultimate decision is based upon the
replay official’s interpretation of the events as reviewed. However, technology facilitates that decision. It must be efficient, simple, and fast. The typical process in the replay booth is as follows:

  • The Replay Official, who is assigned by the conference, observes the play on field; simultaneously the live video is available on the replay system. This allows the Replay Official to review the play instantaneously.
  • He reviews the play, and with limited time (before the next snap), he must determine whether to stop play and conduct a booth review. Coinciding with this event, the replay system is recording and cataloging any additional replay angles which are immediately accessible via the Touchscreen.
  • During a booth review, the Replay Official reviews the play using a series of tools, such as slow-mo, frame accurate pausing, zooming, and the ability to access any replay angle on demand from the Touchscreen. He also bears the additional constraint of conducting this review within a short time period. The process is facilitated with assistance of the Replay Communicator who also assigned by the conference.
  • The Replay Official has the final call and informs the referee of his decision.

Beyond delivering the product, DVSport also provides extensive and on-going training prior to and throughout the football season. This reduces the chance for error and increases the replay official’s level of confidence and comfort with the technology.

About DVSport, Inc:
DVSport, Inc. is a software company based in Pittsburgh, PA specializing in digital video acquisition, analysis, and play-back software designed specifically for the sports market. With over 500+ systems deployed, DVSport has a strong customer base that spans the professional and intercollegiate sports market. Additionally, DVSport provides instant replay solutions to the Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Big East and Big Ten conferences. Over the last five years, DVSport has led the way in developing innovative digital video solutions at all levels of competition.
DVSport has delivered proven solutions that have quickly become the standard by which sports related digital video analysis systems are measured. DVSport customers use their custom-designed software products on a daily basis to scout, analyze, review, and teach.