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DVSport Centralizes X Games Replay

by   |  June 23rd, 2014

X Games has joined the rapidly growing “centralized-replay” club, thanks to a new DVSport Software system implemented at CoTA. Instead of being located at each venue as in the past, judges are located in a central replay trailer, which can access every single camera feed available during the ESPN telecast. The DVSport system simultaneously records eight incoming feeds (seven cameras and a dirty program feed) and plays them back in sync for the judges to view as a mosaic on three large monitors.

“We have a few different [on-screen] layouts for the judges, which vary from event to event,” says Justin Rudd, VP/director of sales/marketing, DVSport Software. “We are marking each event and each run that occurs. The judge can then ask to see a specific angle or a whole run again, and we can play it back instantly. We have full control of the video [playback] with a simple [LSM] controller.”

Courtesy of Sports Video Group

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