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LaunchPad is the ultimate application for mobile coaching workflow. LaunchPad gives you the ability to download game video, and cutups to your coaches iPads. This solution works with all iPad models, and iOS updates. LaunchPad can also be used to automatically upload your video content to Galaxy. Read further to see how LaunchPad can work for you!

DVSport LaunchPad - Load video files post after game for coaches and players review.Post Game Workflow
After the game, LaunchPad will quickly convert your game video into an iPad readable format. You can load your video directly into DVSport Shuttle for frame-by-frame control, telestration, playlist viewing, and advanced scrubbing capabilities. LaunchPad optimizes your game video with very little loss in quality. The files are much smaller, so they copy faster. You’ll no longer have to copy large files to multiple hard drives after the game.

DVSport LaunchPad SyncPad Sports iPad and Web Video Batch Format Transcode SoftwareLaunchPad Automatically Converts Your Cutups and Game Data to iPad and Web Formats
We developed the LaunchPad application to solve the increasing need for coaches, staff, and players to have the ability to review game data and video on their mobile devices. LaunchPad batch converts coaching video cutups and data into iPad and web video formats automatically, requiring the least amount of manual labor from your video staff.

How It Works
From GameDay, publish any cutup, from any computer on your network. LaunchPad is always waiting, and looking to work on your published cutups. Publish one, or multiple cutups. LaunchPad will also convert video with playlist data from XOS products. Please contact us for additional information on integration with XOS software solutions.

DVSport LaunchPad SyncPad Sports iPad and Web Video Batch Format Transcode Software - PublishPublished Cutups Automatically Converted
LaunchPad automatically finds your cutups and game data, then begins converting them to iPad, web video, or both with data. No intervention is required. On the initial setup, LaunchPad is configured to process your cutups based on your workflow. If you are using DVSport Galaxy; our web video product, your cutups are automatically uploaded to your team website with video and data after the conversion.

DVSport LaunchPad - Automatically upload game and practice video files to the web.Automatic Upload to The Web
If you are using DVSport Galaxy; our web video product, your cutups are automatically uploaded to your team website with video and data. You specify the quality of the video you upload. With Galaxy, players and staff can securely view cutups from anywhere in the world on your customized team site. Galaxy is optimized for viewing from a computer, laptop, or mobile tablet device. Galaxy provides enhanced collaboration, sharing, and analytics for your web video. Click the photo to explore the possibilities of web video with DVSport Galaxy.

Upload Video to Team iPads
Using iTunes, you are ready to upload cutups to coach, and player iPads. LaunchPad automatically converts your video into an optimized viewing format for the iPad. DVSport Shuttle was developed with its own interface within iTunes to enable easy upload of video cutups.

Get Playlist Data
LaunchPad will line up playlist data from GameDay or FastBreak with your video cutup. Each play in the cutup will contain the unique playlist information that you entered. Adding playlist information with your cutup will allow you to use finger gestures to swipe between plays on your iPad. Adding playlist data also gives you advanced sort and selection capabilities. You’ll be able to select the play you want to see based on playlist data. These are just a few of the many features available with DVSport LaunchPad and Shuttle.

Road Ready
Your coaches are now equipped to review, and teach game video from an iPad on the road. DVSport Shuttle features telestration tools, advanced video scrubbing, screenshot email, and more to give your staff the ultimate mobile coaching tool. Click on the iPad to the right to explore the possibilities of the DVSport Shuttle.

Recommended System Specifications
Video conversion is a process that requires a high end workstation with plenty of processing power, and hard disk throughput in order to process video files in a timely manner. Your team will not have to purchase a specific workstation from DVSport in order to enhance your workflow with LaunchPad. However, we have configured, and tested specific hardware configurations at different price points to meet the needs of any team. See the minimum recommended system specifications below. Please contact us to get information on recommended system specifications for larger batch conversions.

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