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DVSport HD Instant Video Replay System - BIG EAST BoothSince 2005, DVSport has provided an Instant Replay system designed specifically for NCAA football. In 2017, all ten FBS conferences and independent schools will be using the DVSport HD Instant Replay System. This easy to use efficient solution enables football officials to immediately analyze any reviewable on-field calls. DVSport’s Instant Replay system has been used in over 10,000 NCAA games, utilizing touchscreen technology for instant access and frame-by-frame viewing. By combining the power of digital video analysis with instant replay technology, Replay Officials who use DVSport will have a significant advantage over any other currently used replay systems.
With the addition of the Big Ten in 2006, the Mountain West in 2007, the Mid-American and the Pac-12 conferences in 2010, six NCAA conferences, including independents Notre Dame, Navy, BYU, UMass and Army, now use a DVSport Instant Replay system. DVSport was the replay system of choice for 36 post season bowl games, NCAA playoffs and Championship games in the 2017-2018 season.
Each season our Instant Replay system has evolved to create the most powerful in-game review tool. All replay data is generated as a report. After the game officials can use play, penalty, and position information along with captured video to evaluate their performance right on their iPad or drive. We’ve made the process of obtaining the video after the game easy. Officials can take the video files with them after the game, or view the game online using any of their computing or mobile devices from our distribution website. Officials are just like players, both personal and administrative review allows any mistakes to be found and corrected.
Canadian Football League Using DVSport Instant ReplayOur replay system is popular not only in the United States, but in Canada as well. In 2009, the Canadian Football League upgraded to DVSport Instant Replay to make replay quicker and more consistent. The CFL reported that in their first season using Instant Replay they had no challenges that could not be reviewed due to technical difficulty, and of the 90 challenges reviewed, 31 were overturned.
Beyond delivering a hardware and software Instant Replay solution, DVSport also provides extensive, on-site training prior to and throughout the football season. This training reduces the chance for error, and increases the Replay Official’s level of confidence and comfort with the technology. Additionally, our support staff is available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any questions. DVSport professionals have attended over 250 games in 2017 to support and educate our replay partners.

Bill Carollo — Coordinator of Big Ten Officials and a former National Football League Official “DVSport’s instant replay software is a time saving instant replay application that is reliable and user friendly. DVSport was willing to make improvements that we recommended based on our input after year one. Customer support is outstanding with support anytime during the week & on game day”
When critical calls can impact a game, having the right tool can make all the difference, and DVSport’s HD and SD Instant Replay systems are second to none “DVSport’s innovative HD Replay solution enhances the officials’ review process for each and every play. The difference in video clarity is exactly what you would expect to see when you upgrade to HD.”

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