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DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Coaching, Video Editing and Data Analysis Software Hockey Coaching Software
DVSport PowerPlay is a fully functional hockey-specific digital video editing and data analysis software package that outperforms its competition. PowerPlay is a custom-built software solution designed from the ground up utilizing industry standards and direct feedback from coaches, video personnel and players. Rather than packaging and pricing different software for the different hockey markets, DVSport offers a sport-specific customizable tool that is scalable to meet the needs and budget of all hockey teams. PowerPlay is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 & 10.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Roster ToolLogging Tool
The Logging tool features a variety of customized Event Data Pickers that are linked to the different cut-ups your coaching staff utilizes when breaking down tendencies. The Player Data Picker allows any combination of Player Jersey numbers, or Line Combinations to be linked with the events. This allows for fast drill down on any particular player information you wish to include for Face-Offs, Scoring Changes, Penalties etc. DVSport’s customizable Logging Tool has the flexibility to be utilized Live in-game or post-game scout. Coaches comments can be added to any event for further personalization and cutup creation.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Team Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Live Capture Fast, Easy to Use Live Capture
Capture directly to your laptop from any digital camera or converter. With PowerPlay Live, all you need is a laptop and a camera with Firewire capabilities. When you are at home or on the road you can simply connect your camera to your laptop and start capturing! We’ve even implemented audio for expedited review by coaching staff. PowerPlay can Live Log clips. Live Log enables a smooth video capture workflow in continuous recording. You can efficiently Live Log clips using keyboard hot keys, the PowerPlay Data Picker, or use a custom X-Keys configuration. The Event Manager allows you to adjust the automatic creation of events. The events can be configured for a specific preset duration, or can be manually turned on and off. During Live Capture, you also have the ability to replay a previously logged event for review. This allows the video coach to review a clip for a coach on the bench. With Live Cutups, coaches can review specific cutups immediately after the period is complete for intermission adjustments.

Customized Team Interface

PowerPlay will appear to be a custom, polished in-house software solution. Before we install PowerPlay throughout your organization, we’ll create custom desktop wallpaper, program icons, slides, and in application graphics to match your clubs branding. Branding your software creates an emotional connection and establishes a sense of pride.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - DVSport Commando Remote ControlControl Your Meetings
The DVSport Commando is the most rugged controller in the sports world. It has been designed specifically for coaches and their exact needs. The buttons are large, raised, and well-spaced to prevent errors during your meetings. The USB cable is constructed of thick, 14 gauge wire. The thicker cable design allows the wire to survive being stepped on, pulled, kinked, and dropped. The cable is 15 feet long, enabling you to move around your meeting room without having to sit directly in front of the workstation. The built in laser allows you illustrate coaching points fast. No batteries are required, the Commando remote control is always ready to meet your coaching standards.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Publish CutupsPublish Cutups to DVD, the Internet, and iPads
Cutups are easily created, shared, viewed, and mailed. But today’s workflow demands exporting video to mobile and cloud technologies. With PowerPlay, video cutups are easily published to other sources. Game data can be exported with video efficiently utilizing DVSport LaunchPad technology. When paired with DVSport Galaxy for the web, or DVSport Shuttle for your iPad, you can view game data and video through the internet or your mobile device.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Networked EnvironmentGet Networked
A networked environment allows convenient, central storage of your data and video files. You won’t have to transfer video files and data between computers. The video you’ve captured into PowerPlay is one click away from being viewed from any computer in your organization. With permissions you assign, staff members can make team wide edits and save data from their own workstations. A networked environment also provides extra security against data loss. Coaches can take game and practice video with them on the go. After a home or road game, coaches can begin to review and create cutups for the next team meetings. Cutups, and data are one click away from being shared with everyone on the team when the coaches laptop is connected back to the network.

Pittsburgh Penguins Travel ServerTravel Server
The DVSport Travel server allows you to establish your network anywhere. Our customized rugged case will serve to protect the vital needs of your Video File and Database Servers, Network Switch and various cabling peripherals. This mobile server unit will turn any location into ‘your’ office networked work space and allow each coach to work from one synchronized database daily. The included touchscreen monitor turns your travel server into a full blown coaches station and presentation computer that can be used for all meetings home or away.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Breakdown, Data Entry, and ReportingBreakdown, Data Entry, and Reporting
We have been listening to what hockey coaches want to see in their video editing and data analysis software. Through outstanding feedback, and persistent development, PowerPlay has become an industry leading software package. You can easily create player personnel slides, shot charts, and efficiency reports. Quickly breakdown your opponent tendencies and quickly create final scout tapes. Pie charts, and bar graphs are automatically generated to give you a quick view of your data. You can even customize the data logging to match your hockey language! After the game or practice you’ll be able to distribute video and stats to multiple computers with ease. At any point in the season you have instant access to multiple seasons of hockey video and data.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Frame-by-Frame NavigationFrame-by-Frame Video Navigation
Coaches need frame-by-frame review capabilities of every play. PowerPlay is developed for precise video control. Frame-by-frame slow motion and reverse controls, play, pause, fast forward, and rewind give you complete control of the video you need to teach players to make a play! We support precise video scrubbing with both HD and SD video.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Telestrate Hockey Coaching PointsTelestrate Coaching Points
At any point in the editing process just draw, or type text! We’ve made the telestration tools extremely easy to use. Telestration is an effective method of highlighting key coaching points in your video. After you have made your highlights. Coaches and players will be able to see your telestration when they view your cutups.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - PowerPoint IntegrationPowerPoint Integration
Video and slide presentations can come in handy in a variety of situations. Seasons highlights, presentations, and player reviews are just a few of the situations that might arise. PowerPlay allows you to create or add PowerPoint presentations right into your cutups. The PowerPlay Slide Editor combines traditional PowerPoint tools with our advanced telestration tools to give you complete control of your presentation. Professional video and slide presentations can be authored directly from PowerPlay without having to purchase third party software.

DVSport PowerPlay - Hockey Video Editing and Data Analysis Software - Multiple Monitor SupportMultiple Monitor Support
The workflow and presentation style of each team is different. PowerPlay has multiple monitor support to accommodate your workflow. PowerPlay will properly display, play, and scrub your HD or SD video.

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