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Updated: Sept 16, 2015
Version: 4.28
Size: 23.8 MB
Seller: DVSport, Inc
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Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Watch video content on your iPad with the easy to use DVSport SHUTTLE. You achieve complete control of the video playback with FF, REW, SLO-FWD, SLO-REW and Frame-by-Frame control of SD or HD footage via an intuitive Heads-Up-Display. DVSport SHUTTLE includes editing tools such as telestration, snapshot and email a frame of video. SHUTTLE will also allow you to connect to an external display, such as a projector or HDTV. Video content can be acquired directly from both DVSport products or any other major video editing program.

What’s New in Version 4.28
* NEW: IOS 9 Compatibility
* FIX: General Bug & Performance Enhancements

Previous Version Features
* iOS 9 compatibility
* Upload GameDay or Fastbreak Playlist data with video to Shuttle
* Pinch Zoom video
* Allow music to play in background while using DVSport Shuttle
* Re-opens to your last video clip and position
* FF, REW, SLO-FWD, SLO-REW control
* Frame-by-Frame control
* SD and HD video supported
* Mirror support
* Control captured video
* Take a snapshot of video with drawings, and email to players
* Quick navigation to team Galaxy website
* Telestration tools
* Laser tool
* Auto-play across clip boundaries.
* From the SnapShot button you can record, name and save video clips directly into Shuttle
* Allow Access to all Shuttle game files in iTunes for better media management
* New functionality added to media via left / right swipe in My Library
* Ability to email Videos and Clips up to 25MB


See how Texas Tech prepares for their next opponent with DVSport ShuttleFor Coaches and Players
DVSport Shuttle has been developed through feedback from players and coaches in order to provide the most complete mobile coaching solution. Shuttle will help you prepare for your next opponent. During the week, teaching tapes, practice video, and drills with playlist data can be quickly loaded to coach and player iPads for video review outside of the office. DVSport Shuttle is also a great tool for road games. Before you get on the road you can load highlight videos, and opponent film on coach and player iPads for review on the road. After the game, you’ll be able to quickly load game files onto iPads for review. On the way back, coaches can take advantage of Shuttles easy to use telestration tools to highlight coaching points, and give players instant feedback on performance. Advanced video scrubbing allow coaches to highlight player mechanics, and footwork with frame-by-frame accuracy. Shuttle can also be a handy tool for on-field coaching. Rather than waiting to provide feedback after practice, you can record players drills right on the field. You can provide players with instant feedback, and correct mistakes before they become habits. Click the video on the right to see how Texas Tech prepares for their next opponent using DVSport Shuttle.
DVSport Shuttle - iPad Sports Coaching App for Coaches and Players

For Replay Officials
If you are a replay official in a conference with DVSport HD Replay, Shuttle is a valuable review tool for you. The replay technician can load the entire game, with playlist data to your iPad for instant review after the game. You can use the playlist data to quickly find and select the plays you want to review. The playlist data includes all information recorded for the play, and any comments made during the review. From Shuttle, you can quickly send ten second clips by email. If you have a play of interest that you would like to send to other officials for review, you can do this with just a push of a button.
DVSport Shuttle - iPad Sports Instant Replay Official App for Instant Replay Officials XOS Digital

Teach Using Telestration

Telestration is an effective method of highlighting key coaching points in your video. You can telestrate using multiple colors, and all telestrations can be removed with one click using the eraser button.

Teach from a Bigger Screen

A small red laser follows your touch, and enables you to teach from your iPad while connected to any secondary display.

Mail Video Clip or Snapshot

dvsport-shuttle-dragonfly-roadtrip-sports-ipad-app-coaches-players-recruiters-video-snapshot Highlight a key coaching point and send a snapshot, or send ten seconds of the play of interest through an email.

Stream and Download from Galaxy

dvsport-shuttle-dragonfly-roadtrip-sports-ipad-app-coaches-players-recruiters-galaxy-cutWith an internet connection, you can stream your cutups, and Galaxy video through Shuttle. Shuttle is engineered to give you the same smooth scrubbing controls used in DVSport GameDay. Download your videos to your iPad when your going on the road.

Swipe Between Plays

dvsport-shuttle-dragonfly-roadtrip-sports-ipad-app-coaches-players-recruiters-swipe-finalUse the swipe gesture to quickly move between plays in your cutup.

Cutups, Videos, and More Videos

dvsport-shuttle-dragonfly-roadtrip-sports-ipad-app-coaches-players-recruiters-cutups-videosAdd your videos and cutups to Shuttle to take with you on the road. Shuttle also adds any videos you capture through your iPad to your library, this feature is great for providing instant feedback at practice.

Zoom in on Coaching Points

dvsport-shuttle-dragonfly-roadtrip-sports-ipad-app-coaches-players-recruiters-zoomUse pinch gesture to zoom in on a player or technique, and provide feedback.

World Class Support

dvsport-shuttle-dragonfly-roadtrip-sports-ipad-app-coaches-players-recruiters-cutups-videosOur Shuttle support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. If you have a sales or support question about DVSport Shuttle, please call us at 412.788.9070.

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